Stand out in a crowded marketplace
with a clear customer-centric
brand messaging strategy

We live in a world of big data. And yet, we’re still driven by the same things:

  • the desire to belong
  • the need to feel safe
  • and a deep aversion to looking like an idiot. 

This means that if you want your website visitors to

  • listen to you
  • buy from you and
  • tell their friends about you 

Then you’ll need not only the data from your analytics.
But also the desire to know more about your customers
and talk to them like the humans that they are.

This isn’t easy to do when the medium is a lifeless computer screen. 

That’s where I come in.

Hi. I’m Yongi.

Conversion copywriter slash content optimizer slash brand messaging strategist.

I help high-growth startups like yours develop clear and compelling brand messaging. So you don’t have to work so hard at making your customers see your value in their lives.

I write copy that’s fueled by your analytics and inspired by the voice of your customers. 

I have more than a decade of  experience in digital marketing. I’ve built many niche sites in those 10+ years. A lot more than I care to remember. Many were crappy. A few made me money and one I sold before buying and selling sites was even a thing. 

This experience puts me in a unique position in helping you write web copy that converts.

With my digital marketing experience, I see the big picture. I can dig through your analytics, audit your SEO performance, or figure out where user experience is falling short.

With my background in psychology, I understand what motivates people to buy. 

With my conversion copywriting training under Copyhackers’ Joanna Wiebe, I write copy that’s based on customer research, backed by data, and primed for conversions.

Here’s what to expect when
you work with me

I look at content as part of many moving parts in your digital marketing strategy.

Web copywriter

This means that for each project, I’ll need some input from you on the big picture.

So for example, if I’m writing your landing page, I’ll need to know the messaging of the ad that gets them to the page. If I’m developing your value proposition, I will conduct customer interviews, run surveys and/or interview the key members of your team.

This ensures that the content I write isn’t fluff to fill pixels on your site. But content that actually contributes to your bottom line.

I delve deep into customer data.

Copy that converts meets the customers where they are in the buyer awareness spectrum.

This means I’ll do extensive research to find out their pain points and motivations. This is how I find the best way to position your offers so that your customers listen to you and buy from you. 

That’s me

But what I’d really like to know is:

“How can I help you today?”

If you want to optimize your content
and you think we’re a good fit… 

Click here to find out how my words can help you make more money

If you want to connect,
hit me up at your social community of choice

Twitter | LinkedIn

Or if you want to know more about me,
keep scrolling and read my self-indulgent story…

How I got here

I grew up surrounded by rice fields in the Philippines. I now wake up to the view of Southern Spain’s olive groves. The dream growing up was to become a lawyer, the head of a multinational company, or wait for it….a politician! 

But then I left my country at 24-years-old to run away from grief. That changed the trajectory of my life. Moving to Bangkok, Thailand then Ha Noi Viet Nam and finally, Granada Spain without roots, connections or expectations, meant I was free to carve my own road. I ditched my political ambitions and became an internet marketer instead. Some people might say those two aren’t that different.  🤣

Internet marketing fits my “nomad” life.

But while some people slide into marketing like a duck to water, I had it rough. It hasn’t been easy for someone who’s a self-confessed “there’s-no-entrepreneur-gene-in-me” person. What made it worse was that back in 2004 when I started, it wasn’t easy to find others who were doing the same thing.

I had to claw my way in.

So yeah, I’ve tried many digital marketing tactics. Some I’m not so proud of.

But what I’ve taken from those years is that if you want to make an impact, if you want people to buy from you without a grudge, then the way to do it is to truly understand your customers. That’s how you can write the words that will break down their initial distrust and walls of self-preservation.

And that’s what I can help you with. I help small businesses find the words and the messaging that make their customers see the heart behind their marketing strategy.

That’s me, in a nutshell. Pleasure to meet you.

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