Hola! I’m Yongi.
I make your product impossible to ignore so you…

  • Win over the perfect fit users
  • Align messaging across the entire user journey
  • Ditch the monthly revenue seesaw

Let’s make that happen, shall we?

Yongi’s knowledge of advanced marketing shows that
she has first-hand experience with digital marketing

Most writers we tried didn’t last long even when they seemed to be qualified. But Yongi is one of our best. Her knowledge of advanced marketing shows that she has first-hand experience with it. Her writing beautifully conveys complex thoughts. Her communication and consistency are a pleasure to work with.

Branko Kral

Growth Consultant

Helping you stand out with product messaging engineered to convert leads. And delight users.


Blending Psychology, UX, and Data Analytics to
10X the Impact of Your Marketing Campaigns

10+ Years in Digital Marketing

I get the big picture. With my digital marketing expertise, I make sure your message fits seamlessly into your entire campaign.

Background in Psychology

Product messaging that taps into the emotional and cognitive motivations that make people say “Yes” to you.


You get data-driven copy strategically aligned with your users’ needs and behaviors.

You’re in Good Hands

The types of results I’ve delivered for clients can be yours, too

Boosted Google Ads Conversion Rates

Increased Google Ads conversion rate by 300% (from 1% to 4%), for a landing page copy project.

Supercharged Landing Page Engagement

Increased scroll rate from 48% to 84%. Doubled user engagement from 25 to 55 seconds and extended the average visit duration from 1 minute 34 seconds to 2 minutes 36 seconds. Conversions? Up 500%!

More Than Above Average Affiliate Conversions

Consistently getting a 9% conversion rate in an affiliate niche where the industry average ranges between 1.5% and 3%.

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