Decode What Your Customers Really Want.
Then Speak Their Language.

Now sit back.
And gear up for a rush in user sign-ups.

Hello recurring revenue lifts.

Hola! I’m Yongi

I help you talk about your product so your ideal users understand exactly what it is. What it does. And why it’s a big deal.

Why? So you get compelling messaging to turbocharge your marketing – from landing pages and ads to email campaigns.

The results? A surge of better-fit leads and consistent sales

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Swiss Army Knife of conversion copy

I  think of Yongi as a Swiss Army Knife of conversion copy — she’s deeply trained and skilled at conversion copy across the full spectrum.“​

Anna Bolton

Founder, Conversion Copy Co.


Break Down the Tech Talk Into Plain Language


Uncover the issues blocking user sign-ups.

You’ve got lots of traffic. But the sales numbers? Dripping In. So. Slowly. Let’s get to the bottom of it.

Drawing on over a decade of hands-on marketing experience, you’ll get an in-depth analysis of the weak points that leak potential revenue so you can amp-up user acquisition.

Here’s what you get:

  • Actionable recommendations to reduce friction, craft compelling copy, and get more of the right customers to sign up.
  • Detailed plans on where to focus optimization efforts for A/B testing and experimentation.
  • Expert advice on where to strategically invest your time and resources for maximum impact.


Turn Window Shoppers into Eager Buyers

The window shoppers – love ’em, but wish they’d actually buy, right? Let’s turn that around!

I’ll optimize your whole sales funnel so casual browsers turn into eager buyers who can’t wait to get their hands on your product.


Find Messaging Gaps and Optimize Your Website.

People who don’t get it, don’t buy it.

I’ll help you spot those sneaky messaging gaps that are keeping your site visitors from really getting what your product does and why they need it. — so you can turn that puzzled “Huh?” into an excited “Heck, yes!”

Some of the Awesome Folks I’ve Worked With

accounting software for small businesses

Conversion Copy Co.
conversion copywriting consultancy for unique, often premium products

Chosen Data
content agency for some of the biggest MarTech Brands

conversion rate optimization agency

groundbreaking digital organizer -like Notion but way easier


Customer Research + Behavioral Psychology
+ Conversion Copywriting

Step 1

Every project starts with a discovery session. I’ll dig deep into your business needs and find out where copy could make a big impact on your growth plan.

Step 2:
Research & Strategy

To understand what your ideal customers care about, I gather data from a variety of sources such as surveys, interviews, and review mining. 

Step 3:
Writing & Wireframing

To create effective copy that boosts conversions, I start by identifying the most effective messaging hierarchy based on customer research. This means structuring the copy to follow the thought process of your ideal buyers.

Step 4:
Testing & Optimization

There’s always room for improvement when it comes to messaging, and I’m here to help. I offer services to test, monitor, and adjust the copy to make sure it’s performing at its best. 

Get Customers You Know
Your Product Deserves

The types of results I’ve delivered for clients can be yours, too

Boosted Google Adwords Conversion Rate

Increased Google Ads conversion rate by 300%, for a landing page copy project.

Supercharged Landing Page Engagement

Increased scroll rate from 48% to 84%. Doubled user engagement from 25 to 55 seconds and extended the average visit duration from 1 minute 34 seconds to 2 minutes 36 seconds. Conversions? Up 500%!

More Than Above Average Affiliate Conversions

Consistently getting a 9% conversion rate in an affiliate niche where the industry average usually ranges between 1.5% and 3%.

Yongi’s First-hand Digital Marketing Experience Shows

Yongi’s knowledge of advanced marketing shows that she has first-hand experience with digital marketing. Most writers we’ve tried didn’t last long even when they seemed to be qualified. But Yongi is one of our best.“​

Branko Kral

Growth Consultant