Web Content Writer &

Digital Marketing Sidekick

Hola! ¿Qué te pasa, Calabaza?

I’ m Yongi Barnard.

I help you

write SEO-optimized content.

Not the keyword-stuffed type –

but the kind that

engages your audience

educates your readers and

attracts the kind of people you want to work with.

But, There’s More…

When you work with me,

You also get a content marketing sidekick.

I don’t only do words

I see the big picture.

Your content marketing goals will always be in the back of my mind
every time I write content for you.

It’s content that

makes your audience and customers the priority

It’s content that

boosts your online marketing strategy

It’s content that

makes your brand come to life in your readers’ minds.

I’m Ready, Are You?


Let’s start this ball rolling and see how we can partner up.

Tell me what you need.

Fill out the form below and we can move on from there.