Get rid of the friction that stands between you and the ROI you crave

Get conversion-optimized copy that

🗸 speaks to your ideal audience
🗸 opens their minds to your value, and
🗸 puts them in a buying state of mind

Leave your competition behind. Supercharge lead generation
and make more sales…

How do you do this?

By protecting the browser tab with your website on it.

Shield it from the back button. Make it so enticing that other tabs lose their appeal. And the buyer’s attention becomes focused only on you.

Do this by getting web copy that gets potential customers to see the value of your product, service or offer.  Frame your message in a way that flicks a switch in their brains —so they conclude that you have the answer to their questions. The antidote to their pains. The key to their cherished goals.

If you want a high-converting sales-boosting website, know your customers inside-out

Know what they’re afraid of. Get familiar with their desires. Know what offer is so tantalizing that it would be painful for them to refuse it.

This isn’t wordsmithing. This is about getting intimate with your customers. And knowing exactly how your product fulfils their desires, solves their problems or meets their needs.

This is an immensely challenging task when the medium is a lifeless computer screen

That’s where I come in

I write copy.

But my real job is getting out of my skin and into your customers’ heads. I’ll become privy to your target audience’s needs and motivations. So that I find the right words and messages to move them to action.

Work with me and you’ll get conversion-optimized copy that leads your target customers from not knowing anything about you…

…to declaring,  “This is exactly what I’m looking for!” 

This is how I make this happen

Setting the Stage

Some call this stage a “Discovery session”. Let’s call it a chat.

If you were in my town, we’d be drinking coffee or munching on some tapas while we talk about your business. But since we’re doing this online, we’ll do it through Zoom. This is the time for me to get to know you and your business better.

The Deep Dive

If we’re a good fit, I’ll go straight into customer research.

This is the bulk of the work. I’ll research everything there is to know about your target customers. I’ll leave no stone unturned. I’ll check out niche-specific discussion forums. And pore hours of research in places like Facebook groups,  Twitter posts and Reddit discussions. Then I’ll interview your customers as well as your customer support team. I’ll also analyze any data you have like surveys or testimonials. 

Then I’ll collate all this data to find out how to position your product or offer in a way that speaks to the real needs of your target customers.

Writing & wireframing

Once I’ve done all the necessary research, I’ll write the page that speaks to your target audience. I’ll craft your message into copy that makes sense to them. I’ll also wireframe the copy for optimal user experience.

Ready to play big?

You’ve been writing your own sales pages. But now you want to focus on your startup and give the copy-work to someone else. 

You’ve acquired leads and made sales with your copy. But you know that your messaging needs refinement. That it could convert better with the help of someone who does this for a living. 

You need a copywriter who takes the time to know your customers to their core. 

A writer who writes conversion-focused copy to get you more leads and buyers. And not just fluff for filling up white space.

This is for you if you sell a product or service
and need copy for:

  • website pages
  • sales or landing pages
  • Facebook ads
  • Sales emails

Get sales copy that boosts trust and attracts customers’ attention

So that customers jump at your offers
without hesitation because they:

  • see your value and
  • pick you out as the best solution to what they’re looking for

Tell me what you need help with. And we can start from there. 

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